Born in Miami, FL, I was introduced to fishing at an early age by my grandparents who would frequently take me fishing after school. I was immediately obsessed by the ocean and all its inhabitants. Growing up I would let my imagination run wild and draw everything from monsters to my favorite toys. That practice stuck with me and I would always find myself drawing things that interested me. My obsession with all manner of fishing over the last 20 years has become the dominant inspiration for my art.

My long term exposure to all the fishing South Florida has to offer has given me the vision and motivation to recreate images of scenarios that all fisherman have experienced and are moved by. From the casual collector to the avid outdoor enthusiast,  as well as some of the most prestigious fishing tournaments in the Florida Keys, I am honored and humbled to have my work in such high demand.

I’ve been lucky to get to fish with some of the best guides and fisherman in South Florida thanks in part to where my art has led me but more so for the mutual unending love of the game. Forging long lasting friendships that make the fishing even that much better. Just another guy looking for the next bite, on a mission, trying to cop that feeling again that never seems to get old.